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Benefits of a Belize IBC

The Offshore Company also referred to as the International Business Company (IBC) has many benefits under the Laws of Belize, offering investors a wide range of advantages namely:

  • Tax Exemption on all sources of income of a Belize IBC
  • Tax Exemption on all dividends paid by a Belize IBC
  • Exemption from taxes on all interests, rent, royalties, compensations and other amounts paid by a Belize IBC
  • Exemption from taxes on capital gains on shares, debt obligations or other securities of an a Belize IBC by non-residents
  • No exchange control restrictions
  • Meetings of shareholders and/or directors may be held in any country and may be attended by proxy

Who qualifies for a Belize IBC?

Any individual or group can incorporate a company under the International Business Companies Act (IBC Act). Every Belize IBC must have a registered office and registered agent located in Belize.

Uses of a Belize IBC

  • Trading
  • Asset Protection
  • Share ownership in other companies
  • Financial management
  • Investment holding
  • Corporate trustee
  • Leasing of other assets
  • Real property ownership
  • Ownership of a ship or yacht
  • Ownership of intellectual property 

IBC Activities Restrictions

  • A Belize IBC cannot conduct  business with Belizean Residents
  • A Belize IBC cannot Own real estate in Belize
  • A Belize IBC  is not allowed to conduct business as a bank or insurance company
  • A Belize IBC is not permitted to act as a Registered Agent/Office for another Belizean IBC


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